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The Rationale of the Industry

Internet has proved to be the most powerful medium of communication - business to business communication and business to clients communication. In order to cut operation cost and access geographically detached markets, business owners are increasingly depending on online communication. But the crux of the interest is that the business of a company is never assured since Internet allows unlimited number of players to target the same market segment and make business in their own way. In such scenario, it is absolutely believable the more you are innovative in your marketing strategies, the more your stake will be in the market which has reached a near-saturation point with thousands of business offering identical product and services.

Why We Are in the Industry ?

1Pixel Designs exists to help small and large business enterprises to get online visibility they need to make business. We exist to enable business owners to meet their sales goal and push through the constraints that are typical of online operation. We exist to empower clients by enhancing their online visibility which is the soul of any organization dreaming growth and expansion.

Who We Are?

1Pixel Designs is a leading player in global web services providing technical solutions to established business houses as well as to small startups who dream big sometimes with shoe string budgets. Headquartered in India, 1Pixel Designs is primarily focused on developing innovative and compelling website design and development services. As we identify ourselves as a professional organization helping clients to realize their short-term and long-term goals alike, we follow a two-pronged strategy in our web services—development of engaging design and effective promotion though engaging design. With us, you can use technology to add another digit to your revenue figure.

What We Do?

We offer cost effective website design, website promotion, internet marketing and web hosting services. These general categories of solutions encompass a whole range of offerings some of which are domain registration, web development, website redesign, bulk SMS and mail design, brochure design, website maintenance, flyer design, logo design, photo restoration, PHP development, flash development, Joomla\Drupal customization, search engine optimization, social media optimization, link building and paid advertisement. From providing a small peace of content writing to designing a functional shopping cart for an ecommerce site to complete online marketing solutions, 1Pixel Designs offers it all

Our Vision and Wisdom

Born in the year 2009, 1Pixel Designs have made a long way towards successfully helping over 100 of clients from across different nations. All our effort stems from one single point of motivation—progress towards to a better tomorrow through an effort distinguished by excellence. Taking origin at the turn of the century we have witnessed how the market forces have changed over time thus bringing changes in the way an organization responds to the market forces for business needs.

Currently we are working with clients in seven countries and we have attained a 100 percent year-on-year growth. For end-to-end web solution and absolutely dependable web services, bank on 1Pixel Designs.

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